The Cosmology and Theology of Arereth

The five demi-human races of Arereth all share a common belief in the origins of the cosmos and the nature of the gods. In this belief system, it is said that at the moment the universe began the greater gods formed themselves either from “the substance of creation” or simply arose from nothingness to become, themselves, that substance (depending on which scholar / philosopher you ask). It is said that the gods also simultaneously exist outside of space and time (with their physical manifestations in this universe being but one part of an incalculable whole) but that is a discussion for another day.

Caul is the king of the heavens and the greater god of this realm, which serves as his celestial court. The names and natures of the other greater gods are largely unknown but their realms can be distantly seen as stars in the night sky. Occasionally, a creature of one of these other realms will come here; these are the angels, demons, elementals and other “outsiders” that plague the world from time to time. Like their rulers, little is known about the other realms, it is generally considered inappropriate (even sacrilegious) to speculate too much about them since the nature of this realm and its gods are a more worthy mystery for such contemplation.

As his first act, Caul created a number of younger gods to assist him in the ordering of his realm and to serve as his companions. One companion, in particular, is his wife Tyrea, whose physical manifestation is the very earth upon which the people of Arereth stand. Almost all natural, living things of the world (called “the bosom of Tyrea”) – every man, elf or dwarf and every tree, flower, fish, animal or bird – is a child of Tyrea and Caul. Each of the other gods has his or her own role to play in the celestial court as well and it is these roles and how the gods fulfill them that comprise the religious mores and traditions of Arereth’s peoples.

The Ten Gods:

Other Religions
While the above deities are the most commonly worshiped in Arereth, there are several other minor faiths as well, some of the more prominent include:

The Jovian Gods
The Lesser Gods
The Lost God
Tribal Religions

The Cosmology and Theology of Arereth

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