Unlike her companions, Primm wasn’t the victim of any pirate raid but rather joined the group after they had returned to the mainland and were making their way south towards civilization once more. Something of a castaway herself, she immediately fell in with the group when they discovered her in the midst of making her escape from the group of cultists that they had, in turn, been asked by a local shaman to find in order to put an end their reign of terror and human sacrifice.

Primm keeps much of her history to herself – including how she came to learn the making and use of black powder and firearms – though the rest of the group has since learned that it was some tragic, personal loss that has set her feet on the path of adventure, one which haunts her still…

How Primm’s (most recent) adventures began:

You decided to travel north into the so-called “barbarian lands” beyond the city of Aldafar and have been traveling with a priest of Tyrea named Quintus, whom you have just recently met and who, he said, was seeking his brother Sextus, a man who has fallen in with “evil ways” and whom Quintus intended to rescue from the scoundrels supposedly acting as such a singularly bad influence on the man. You slipped into these malcontents’ lair – an ancient mansion carved into the side of a cliff! — and easily found the man’s brother, but when Quintus pleaded with him to see the error of his ways he just laughed and said that there was no reason when his own kin brought such fine sacrifices to their cult. You had heard nothing about any cults, and certainly nothing about being a sacrifice, which you immediately decided you’d rather not be. To his credit, Qunitus had apparently never heard of these things either and he moved instinctively to stand in front of you, trying to protect you (and in doing so, of course, ruined your shot), he tried to say more but suddenly a sickly green cloud enveloped both of you. The last thing you remembered as you passed out was the sound of Sextus’ laughter…


The Paths of Fate Terry