Martay of Faren Wood


Martay was a hunter in his native Faren Wood (one of the many small communities that make up the Shirelands) with his brother, a simple and slow-witted fellow that he had looked after for the many years since their father’s death. Both his hunting partner and best friend, his sibling one day mysteriously vanished without a trace and Martay searched for months to find some clue about his disappearance. Finally, that search took him to the elven town of Serenidel…

How Martay’s adventure began:

After months of questions resulting only in dead-end leads or, worse, to no answers at all, you’ve finally found someone who might know something of your brother’s whereabouts, though why he would have been dealing with the fur trader Satlom Boakoa without having told you so first, you have no idea. The human has always been a good customer for your wares but before he has always come to you in the Shirelands, you’ve never had to meet him in his port-of-call before. Of course, before today, you’ve always traded in furs instead of information. Regardless, Serenidel is a nice, orderly elvish town and you haven’t had any trouble getting directions to the merchant’s office.

As you enter, after hearing a muffled “come!” through the door in response to your knock, you notice, briefly, that it is a nicely paneled and furnished place, if cluttered; just what you would expect of a merchant of modestly successful means. You start to wonder who the rough-looking sailor behind Boakoa is but before the thought forms fully in your mind Satlom slumps over in his chair, blood spreading in a quickly widening circle around the freshly planted dagger in his ribs. You immediately turn to run but you know that, even with your speed, it’s too late. The door you just stepped though slams shut in your face and a heavy cloth – a sail, no doubt – is dropped on you from above. As you crumple under its weight your assailants fall on you, swinging blackjacks. It takes only a few seconds for one of them to find your skull, even through the cloth, and then everything goes black…

Martay of Faren Wood

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