Makious Vatieroun

Priest of Lanuie

The son of an elven priest of Lanuie and his human wife, Makious was always enchanted by his parents’ faith and followed in his father’s footsteps by joining the priesthood as soon as he was allowed to begin the training. He had just completed the first part of this education – a pilgrimage to Lanuie’s many holy shrines in the forested realm of the elves – when, on his return home to the town of Serenidel, the hand of fate took a hold on his life…

How Makious’ adventures began:

Though you’ve learned much in your journeys, your quest has been long and you’ve been more than ready to return home for sometime now, looking forward to seeing your family and friends again. Serenidel is a quite town despite serving as a traders’ port in addition to being the site of your father’s temple and, if it was too quite for you before, it will be set to the perfect tempo for your weary mind now.

That was what you were thinking as you made your way back to the village over the last few days, at least. At first, the hint of smoke on the breeze didn’t really register in your mind, not for what it truly portended, at least, and not until you saw the black plumes rising above the trees ahead did you realize that it was more than the simple smell of hearth fires carried from chimneys on the autumn breeze. Running the last half-mile or so to your home, you arrived to a scene of utter carnage — most of the buildings were smoldering ruins and their inhabitants, young and old alike, lay sprawled where they fell with terrible wounds, arrows still protruding from the corpses of some. When you reached the temple – what remained of it, anyway – and saw your parents…that part doesn’t bear remembering. Hopefully, someday that will be a memory you will lose, somehow.

“There he is, finally!” a gruff voice said behind you. Turning, you knew immediately that it was no friend who spoke those words; they fairly dripped with contempt as the roughly-clad, dark skinned human spoke them. Several companions were with him, all armed with clubs and wicked-looking knives. The shock of your arrival home had dulled your senses to their until now hidden presence, a mistake you swore you wouldn’t make again if you ever had the chance. As they closed in for the kill, you began to summon the power of Lanuie to your aid but it was too late, they were on you in a heartbeat and there were far too many of them besides. One landed a stout blow on the top of your skull and you slid down into darkness, not knowing if you would ever wake again…

Makious Vatieroun

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