Braden Rafferty

Sorcerer (Destiny bloodline)/Wizard (Universalist School)

Braden grew up in his mother’s village but his half-elf blood made him an outcast even from his earliest memories, a situation which only worsened when it became apparent that he had inherited his father’s people’s inherent knack for magic. As soon as he was able to travel the world on his own, then, he left human lands for the town of Serenidel, a moderate-sized port in elvish lands where travelers from all races could be frequently found, the home of his father and, he hoped, a place where he could make a new beginning for himself. Things didn’t go so well for him here either but it wasn’t long until he found out that fate had something completely different planned for him all along…

How Braden’s adventures began:

”Well, that didn’t go well!" The thought runs through your mind for what must be the thousandth time since leaving your mother’s village (in a decidedly hurried manner) a couple of months ago. How were you supposed to know that would happen? You had to practice your magic somewhere if you were to ever master it and, besides, it’s not like anybody got hurt…well, not seriously anyway. Not that the elves in your father’s hometown have been that much better. The residents of Serenidel are nice enough to your face but you get the distinct impression that they equate “having a human parent” to something like "having an unwholesome skin disease”.

The only real friend you’ve made, so far, has been Squeaker, a flying squirrel that even now is gliding down through the trees to land on your shoulder, chitterling madly as he alights with a gentle thump. As you looked up at the animal drifting down through the branches you saw smoke — a lot of smoke — coming from the direction of the town. Something is wrong, you realize, and that must be why your furry companion is so animated.

You hear a rustle behind you and start to turn even as a blackjack slams into your temple. As you go down into darkness, your last thought is that it wasn’t just the smoke that must have had your pet upset after all…

Braden Rafferty

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